Post-Advent Musings

I’ve been sick in bed the past two days, which gives me little to do but think. This is a good time to think, too–we’ve just finished the advent season, the first that I’ve formally recognized, and it’s been wonderful.

I ended up at three church services on Christmas Eve which, in retrospect, was a little insane. One each for the last Sunday of Advent and Christmas (at midnight!), and one with the family at the Baptist church. They were all so good. I didn’t even consider how one was the “old” church and one the “new.” On Christmas, we’re all there for the same reason. We’re celebrating Jesus’s coming into the world. Is three services overkill? Maybe. Will I do midnight Mass again? Probably not, because I was exhausted. But I didn’t tire hearing of the good news. Jesus is born, and He brings hope to the world!

Earlier in the month, I visited several stores in search for an Advent wreath. (Not an easy task, surprisingly, but Hallmark has the candles, if you’re curious.) At first I thought it was pointless since I’d already missed the first Sunday of Advent. But when I lit the final candle on Christmas Eve, I was proud to have that little wreath. It’s a small thing, but a reminder of something so much bigger.

And the best part? Christmas isn’t over yet. There is still more celebration. Merry Christmas!