Finishing what He’s Started

Today, I spent three and a half hours talking to a priest.

I texted my friend immediately afterward. “To be able to have that time with a priest is great,” she replied. I hadn’t expected it myself—maybe an hour, and then I’d be on my way. I didn’t know how I would start the conversation, but we talked. And kept on talking. And he kept on saying how he wasn’t sure how I wasn’t already Catholic, because I’ve been more dedicated than most people he knew.

“I’m still learning,” I said. “I’m doing everything.”

I was the one who brought up RCIA. I already had the info session in my calendar; I corrected him as to what time it began. I think I always knew I would do it. But I needed to tell someone—namely, a priest—to keep me accountable, and to prevent me from trying to back out again. Because when it comes down to it, I’m not doing this for myself. I’m not doing it for other people, though their support has been invaluable. I’m doing this for God, and because God has called me here. It’s time for me to listen.

“There’s nothing holding you back,” he said.
“Besides myself.”
But he disagreed. “You’re already Catholic. You just have to finish the sacraments.”

I have to finish what He has started.